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About IndianaMuscleCar.com

· Born

Born with a passion for racing and innovating, Justin’s DNA originates from generations of engineers and craftsmen. He has raced everything from BMX bikes to cars for decades. Residing in the home of top fuel and a hot spot for drag racing, IndianaMuscleCar.com was born to give innovative products to the racing community.

· Bred

Justin has a obsession for design and holds 3 US patents with 14 additional pending and also has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Also a competent TIG welder, machinist and fabricator. With a self-proclaimed soft spot for ThirdGen F-cars, we strive to make them (and others) into ultimate street/strip sleepers. We love blurring the line between street cars and race cars.

· Mission

Hands-on experience and backed up by science Quality over quantity Holistic approach to Muscle Cars…Not just dyno queens, not just race cars.

· Commitment

Balancing automotive projects with work and life can be a challenging experience. IndianaMuscleCar.com strives to deliver products and give advice that gets your project back to thundering the streets, faster. Our development time equals your weekend back. We race what we sell and design durable, dependable, and US made products.

We believe in personalized customer support, please feel free to call or email me directly. May the most horsepower win,

Justin May



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